Monday, July 20, 2009


Do you want to see something horrible? Something really gut-wrenching? It was so awful I got nauseous. I couldn't look at first.. I'll show you, but this is me warning you. If you have a weak stomach, look at it with one eye closed...

I went from the 2G to the 3Gs. My new baby was less than a week old. We got home from our rafting trip late last night. I was getting out of the car, and was holding my phone, a pillow, a to-go box from dinner, and hubbo's man-bag. I turned to get up out of my seat and it just fell. It hit, and made this horrible noise. It was 1am, yet in the small sliver of moonlight I could see its face, shattered. I was so angry and sad. If there is a bright side to this, it's that the LCD touch-screen wasn't hurt. All that's broken is the glass screen. I can still use it, although I have to be really careful because it is, after all, shattered glass. I've already picked a couple of small shards out of my fingers. I will be heading to the Apple store on Thursday to see what they can do. They can fix it for $300 (I'm nauseous again), but I have heard tales that some Apple employees will actually fix broken screens for free. You better believe I will be walking in to the store with my best puppy-dog-eyes-damsel-in-distress look. I'll let you know when I know..

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  1. ....a low cut shirt may help, too! LOL! TOTALLY KIDDING!!! (sort of...) That is horrifying! I may have to send this photo to Sean just to remind him to be careful!!! When his 2G broke it was far less painful looking. Although...I have ebay tips if it comes to that...yes...that is listable as is and could possibly get enough to replace it.

  2. Oh dear! That's awful :( Reminds me of the time I went to grab my sweater out of the back seat of the car, and when I went to pull it out, my digital camera came crashing down with it. That was a sad day, too. I really hope you can get it fixed for free. $300 is way too much to fix a small piece of glass.

    I wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog when Isabel died. Knowing you care meants the world to me.

  3. Oh no... you can bribe them with cupcakes! *bats eyelashes*
    I"m so sorry that this broke. I hope you can get a new one fixed FREE! You should!
    Hugs ya and has some Icey Cream!

  4. oh. my. gosh. :-o

    Hope you can get that fixed! It looks so sad....

  5. Hope you've been saving your cupcake monies.. ;)

  6. you can get it fixed. I had a friend that shattered hers a couple months ago; she took it to this place
    and it is now as good as new.