Friday, August 8, 2008

..crazy 8's..


Does that mean it's gonna be a crazy day? Or maybe a lucky day? I guess we'll see :) I have nothing special planned.. a few things I'd like to get done, but hubby's home so I'm not sure they'll get done :) I couldn't sleep last night so I was up until about 2am sewing more pincushions. What is it about getting new fabric that makes you just HAVE to use it? :)

Those little guys are brand spankin' new in the Shop :) Don't forget that the crop at AMR is tomorrow, starting at 4pm E.

Hope everyone has a great 08.08.08 (I just had to get that in there one more time, ha!) :)

Peace, love, and koala fuzz ya'll!


  1. I never put together that today was 8-8-08. That's funny. I love your new pumpkins and your shop is adorable.
    =) melanie

  2. I love your little cushions. If only I sewed.