Thursday, August 21, 2008's august, right?..

So why in the world did I feel like making something Christmas-y? I couldn't help myself when I walked down the greenery aisle at Hobby Lobby today, looking at all of the great Christmas picks and flowers. And I managed to get hubby out of the house for a couple of hours, so I had to be crafty. The idea for this framed project actually came to me about a week ago, when I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. This is when most of my ideas have been hitting me lately, not sure why, but it works :) The frame was one of those inexpensive wooden ones. I just covered it with some music note paper. Then I created the rose out of some dark red ribbon (quick running stitch), and used some leaves and berries I already had. The reindeer was cut out of black cardstock. I didn't HAVE to go seasonal with this. You could definitely put any picture in the frame. I'd like to make another one with the reindeer facing the other way, so I have a pair.

More stuff in the works, but I have a golf date in the morning and a dinner date tomorrow night. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can get some work done :D


  1. That is really nice, Harley! Great job!

  2. Adorable!!!

    I have a blog award for ya, stop by and pick it up.

    Have a great weekend.