Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Haha, it's official, I'm a golfer!! :D Well, maybe I wouldn't call myself a golfer. But I played my very first game yesterday. It was me, Jeff, his parents, and his friend, Doug. We had the BEST time! It took us almost 4 hours to play 9 holes because me and Jeff's mom are newbies :) She hasn't played since she was about 20, and I've never played a hole in my life. Between the ball diving, the roof hitting and me falling in love with a 3 wood because I can WHACK a ball like nothing else, it was a great day. Here are some pics :)

This last pic was Jeff's dad saying, "Just keep your head down, I'll watch where the ball goes!" Lol. Me and his mom had the hardest time NOT looking up before we even made contact with the ball. It was hilarious.

In other, non-golfing news, Scrapbook Takeout has a great new Challenge Blog! They've got 2 challenges going on right now (1 is a mini book in a tin, and it's only $3 shipped!) plus they're having a giveaway there too. You should totally check it out.

Also, the sale in my Etsy shop is going to run through tonight. I've been so busy with other things since last weekend, that I haven't had time to go in and change the prices back to original price. Tomorrow the prices will go back and hopefully I will have some new things to add.

I have some other fantabulous news, but I can't post it quite yet. No, I'm not preggo, sorry Mom :)

Peace, love and koala fuzz ya'll!


  1. i don't know if i have the patience for golf, lol...looks like you all had a great time...i hope the "news" is some great scrappy news, like you are being published or made a design team!!!...

  2. awww...looks like fun. I wanna learn how to play because it's the only thing my hubby will do outside. I can't wait to hear your fabulous new!

  3. My friends and hubby golf, but I just go and caddy. I'm afraid I'll hit someone with the ball. OUCH. You go girl! Good for you!

  4. How cute are you out there on the golf course?! LOL! You should wander over to the Gypsy Rose blog...there is something there that may be of interest to you! Btw, I ADORE your pin cushions AND your pins! SO cute!!!!!!