Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm back, with MORE Mexico pictures, mwahaha! I wasn't going to post too many, but Lynn said she wanted more. And what Lynn wants, well... :D So here ya go :D By the way, you can click on them to see 'em bigger :)

This guy had his little coconut stand on the street. He just whacked the top off, stuck a straw in and you were on your way :)

There's me, my sister in law Jenn, her husband Steven, and my hubby in the reflection. This was our elevator at the hotel. There was one word for it.. HOT. Not even kidding.

This was at Pipi's Restaurant. They make your guacamole tableside and it was fan-flippin-tastic! That's a big deal, considering the fact that I don't even like guacamole!

Jeff breakin' it down in front of the arches on the Malecon (that's Spanish for waterfront boulevard). Those are his parents.. notice his dad is walking away in shame :D

This guy was doing some amazing sand art. Apparently they only make a new one about every week or so, depending on how much it rains. So we were lucky to see this one in action. Very cool.

Here's another. This one had been there for a while. You can see that they actually sprayed color on it when they first made it.

And that's my buddy Marv. We became friends at the marina.. until he got caught on a fish hook. He wasn't so much my friend after that.

Are you cross-eyed yet? :) I won't put anymore in this post. I will, however, give a big THANKS! to Marilyn and Eileen, who gave me this beautiful, shiny blog award.


Both of these gals have fun blogs, and you should go visit them. And I'm supposed to pass this award on. So, I give it to everyone who reads my blog. Seriously, there can't be that many of you haha :) But really, if you're reading this, take that award, stick it up on your blog and say, "Harley gave me this because she loves me!" It's the truth. I love each and every one of my blog pals. And one day, I will show up at your house to crash on your couch :D

Oh, and later on this afternoon I'm gonna restock my Etsy shop :)

Peace, love and koala fuzz ya'll :D


  1. great pictures!!! the sand art, it is amazing how talented people are!...

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the sand sculptures. Great entry

  3. What awesome pics! I like that one with your hubby's he the main photographer, or are YOU? Those sand sculptures are amazing!

  4. it looks so beautiful there. you make me want to go to Mexico even more than I already did (which is a ton!)