Tuesday, July 8, 2008

..inchie love..

I totally made tons of Inchies about 4 years ago. Since then I've moved and I can't honestly say I know where they are. Thank goodness they're back in style! :D

I made these little guys in about 5 mins using some Studio G stamps and my watercolor pencils. Just needed some quick ones to make into a birthday card.

If you love Inchies too, you should definitely come join my Inchie Swap over at All Moments Remembered. Sign-ups will be open for another week or so. Seriously, come play with us :)


  1. I've been wondering what inchies were. You are so 'in-the-know' about them.

    I love your blog! - cricket girl, lynn!

  2. harley, your ichies look great!!!...
    ;) angie/craftyscrapr

  3. These are fabulous. I can't wait to get my punches from Stacey. I know I can do it the old-fashioned way but no, I had to spend money :)