Wednesday, July 30, 2008

..i say to-mah-to..

Yay, got the camera to behave long enough to get my sneak peek up :)

Hmm, any ideas? Obviously it goes along with my pins :) Hubby is leaving for work in the morning so I should have new stuff in the shop by this weekend :)


  1. Can you make a coconut pin with a lime on it for your etsy shop so i can buy it???
    Love your work. You are so talented...and patient, they are tiny!!!!!!!!! No wonder you love inchies...those are probably huge to you! hahahaha

  2. WOW!!!! YOU MAKE THESE??? How cool! I am really going to determine which one to buy and put it on a card! So cool!

  3. I love that pin cushion. Have a fun and busy weekend working on your pins!!!

  4. Hi, KF - I found you via craftblog. Love your pin cushions. Lots of cute fabric choices. Had to say hi from one koala to another! :)