Friday, July 4, 2008


Well it just hit me that's it's a whole new month.. well, I know we're 4 days into it, but I haven't blogged since the last of June. Where does the time go?

Last night I had the honor of introducing a scrap virgin to this addictive hobby of mine. It was a great 4 hours, and the best part is, I have someone close to scrap with :) It was so fun to watch her scrap, knowing that she is in that stage where she is only scrapping for herself. She's not trying to impress anyone with her work, she just wants to get her story down on paper. I think that's amazing.

So while I taught her a lot last night, she did just the same for me. Why do we get so caught up in doing our art for others? I've been scrapping for 13 years, and maybe it's time to go back to basics. Create for me, and no one else :)

For all of my fellow US residents, I hope you have a safe and Happy 4th. Not sure what our plans are because J won't even be home until about 7:30 tonight. But I'm sure we'll at least go watch some fireworks somewhere.


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